TP5000-C - Programmable room thermostat

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Danfoss TP5000 hard-wired programmable room thermostat. Controls the UFH system timing and temperature output in a single zone. For use with older full-house systems and current OneZone™ systems for screed and floating floors.

Technical information
Temperature sensing range: 5-30°C
Switching action of output relay: 3(1)A, 10-230V
Rated Impulse voltage: 2.5kV
Temperature accuracy: +-1°C
2x AA alkaline cells (supplied)

Product details
Product code: TP5000-C
Weight: 220g
Size (HxWxD): 88x110x28mm
Colour: White

ErP - fiche

ErP - product fiche
(a) Supplier Nu-Heat UK Ltd
(b) Suppliers model identifier TP5000-C - Programmable room thermostat
(c) Class of temperature control I
(d) Contribution of the temperature control to seasonal space heating energy efficiency in % 1%

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