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Towel rail test

To compliment the Nu-Heat underfloor heating system, Nu-Heat has a stunning range of contemporary heated towel rails.

Nu-Heat always recommends that heated towel rails are used in addition to warm water underfloor heating - they give the luxury of warm dry towels all year round and add extra comfort to bathrooms.

Nu-Heat can supply towel rails in mild steel or stainless steel with a choice of designs and finishes.

Mild steel towel rails 

Mild steel towel rails from Nu-Heat are available in three styles with a choice of finishes:

The options for fuel source are:

  • Wet - controlled by the domestic heating system
  • Duel fuel - attached to the heating system but with an electrical element allowing them to be used even when the domestic heating system is switched off
  • Electric - completely separate electric control (factory fitted) 
Our guarantee

We have such confidence in the high standard of manufacture that Nu-Heat mild steel towel rails are guaranteed for 10 years. Electric elements are guaranteed for 12 months and radiator valves have a 5-year guarantee.

All towel rails are individually air-tested to 16 bar for peace of mind.

The 10-year guarantee covers against manufacturing defects for all mild steel towel rails supplied by Nu-Heat. Proof of purchase is required for a replacement unit; the guarantee does not extend to fitting costs and delivery charges.