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OneZone™ features & benefits

Unlike any other UFH kit

A OneZone™ kit offers the same high quality components, reliability, ease of installation and level of customer support that you would expect from any Nu-Heat system. For these reasons, a OneZone™ is unlike any other UFH kit on the market.

Flexible Fastflo™ tube covered by long warranty

Nu-Heat's 10mm Fastflo™ floor heating tube is fully compliant with all relevant British and European standards and delivers outstanding heating performance.

  • Smaller diameter – designed with shorter coil lengths and closer spacing so warmth is spread evenly
  • Faster response times – rooms heat quickly and more efficiently
  • Quick installation – the flexibility of the tube keeps installation costs low
  • 50 year product warranty

Pre-assembled manifold reduces installation time and improves system performance

The manifold and accompanying pump module are customised for use with a OneZone™, based on the same design as those used for Nu-Heat whole-house systems.

  • Easy to fill, flush and pressure test the system
  • Pre-assembled manifold reduces installation time
  • Temperature, pressure and flow gauges help to commission the system
  • Pump module provides temperature accuracy and versatile orientation
  • 10 year manifold warranty

Wiring centre with labelled terminals for intuitive install

The OneZone™ wiring centre offers a straightforward and tidy installation.

  • Terminals are clearly labelled for a quick and simple installation
  • Supplied as a complete package, including cable glands, to finish the installation (the electrician will not have to raid their stock to finish the job)
  • 2 year product warranty

Choose from two market-leading control options

Each OneZone™ kit comes with a choice of thermostat to suit the type of property and the user's needs, offering the best possible level of controllability.

The all-one-one SmartStat

SmartStat is a hard-wired thermostat with built-in smart functionality for flexible heating control via smartphone or tablet. Simply download the SmartStat App to a chosen device to adjust the heating from any location.

Avoid damaging existing walls with the wireless neoAir

A popular option for renovation projects, the wireless neoAir avoids the need for chasing any wires into walls*, protecting décor. It can also be easily upgraded to offer the same smart control functionality as the SmartStat by adding the neoHub.

If using floor or air sensors then cabling to the thermostat will be required.

Support, should you need it

When you choose a OneZone™ system you also benefit from advice and free technical support from our team of experts. We are always happy to help with any queries – whether before, during or after installation.