AAV-C - Auto air vent (3/8") with shut off valve

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Auto air vent (3/8") with shut off valve and manual vent feature. Positioned at high points in the system (e.g. on top of thermal stores), the automatic air vent releases the collected air. Features a fast purge function for filling thermal store cylinders.

  • Automatic and manual air vents
  • Supplied with automatic shut-off valve
  • Body and cover are brass construction
  • Air vent with silicone rubber seal
  • Impurities do not usually affect function as maximum float line of water is always lower than the valve seal
  • Float is high temperature resistant polyethylene
  • Suitable for use with glycol systems

For use with Nu-Heat cylinders, buffer tanks, and pipework.

Technical information
Connection: 3/8" BSP thread

Product details
Product code: AAV-C
Weight: 224g
Size (HxWxL): 75x50x50mm
Material: Brass