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BLVA28-C - 28mm domestic hot water temperature control valve

  • £182.44 exc VAT

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Floor heating and water temperature control valve with 28mm compression connections.

Adjustable valve that mixes hot and cold water together to provide water at a comfortable temperature. Fitted to a hot water cylinder or UFH system to control temperature.

  • Essential for good system performance
  • Comes with 28mm compression fittings
  • Safety feature to prevent scalding
  • Lockable temperature setting

Adjustable temperature range: 30- 60°C
Factory temperature setting: 47.5°C
Max flow supply temp: 85°C
Max working static pressure: 16 bar
Max working dynamic pressure: 6 bar
Minimum working pressure: 0.2bar

Product code: BLVA28-C
Weight: 1.22kg
Size (HxWxL): 160x155x70mm
Material: Cast gunmetal, brass and plastic

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