ElectroMat® OneZone® underfloor heating kit

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ElectroMat® OneZone® underfloor heating kit is an electric underfloor heating system consisting of a patented de-coupling membrane and underfloor heating cable, which delivers an even heat across the entire floor area, and provides a stable, waterproof surface that is particularly suited to bathroom and kitchen areas.

How to choose the right size ElectroMat® kit.

Key features and benefits

De-coupling technology

De-coupling membrane neutralises movement between the substrate and floor finish preventing the delamination and cracking that can be associated with tiled floors

*Additional de-coupling membrane can be bought if needed to increase height build-up in non-heated areas.


Use sealing tape* around the perimeter of the room and on any joins in the membrane to create a totally waterproof ElectroMat® solution that is ideal for wet rooms.

*Waterproof sealing tape sold separately

Vapour management

The cavities below the ElectroMat® membrane create space for water evaporation, making it possible to install on substrates that are not perfectly cured

Load distribution

ElectroMat®’s pyramid cavities evenly distribute concentrated floor loads from the tiles, directly onto the floor substrate

  1. Draw your floor area onto squared paper, marking any unheated areas such as a bath, sink, toilet or kitchen island unit.
  2. Calculate the area to be heated by subtracting any unheated areas from the total floor area.
  3. Choose the kit size that is the closest match for your heated floor area. If the area to be heated falls between two ElectroMat® kit sizes, always choose the smaller kit size to avoid the risk of overheating, and add additional decoupling membrane to cover the unheated areas if necessary.

Example heated area calculation
Small en-suite shower room 2x2m²
4m² de-coupled floor area.
1.7m² heated floor area.
Thermostat positioned outside the room.

In this instance, the area to be heated by the ElectroMat® underfloor heating kit is 1.7m², with the remaining 2.3m² floor area to be left unheated.

Choosing the 1.5m² kit ensures sufficient cable to heat the 1.7m² space, laying the cable at the recommended 3 dimple spacing. The 1.5m² kit includes 2m² of decoupling membrane - an additional 2m² of decoupling membrane can be purchased to run underneath the shower, basin and WC, if desired.

ElectroMat® kit size (m²) Maximum area covered by supplied de-coupling membrane (m²) Max recommended heating area (m²)
1 2 1.2
1.5 2 1.7
2 3 2.3
2.5 3 3.0
3 4 3.5
4.5 5 4.7
5.5 6 5.8
6.5 7 7.0
9 10 9.5
11.5 12 11.8
13.5 14 14
18 19 19.0
ElectroMat® OneZone® includes everything you need for your electric underfloor heating installation.
  • OneZone® wiring centre with labelled terminals for a straightforward installation
  • Waterproof membrane provides a stable surface for tiling – ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms*
  • Flexible ElectroMat® underfloor heating cable
  • Programmable neoStat-e thermostat, with the option to upgrade to smart control
  • Floor temperature sensor
  • Detailed installation manuals and user instructions
  • Delivery by carrier within 2 days

*Waterproof sealing tape sold separately

A neoStat-e thermostat is supplied with all ElectroMat® OneZone kits. This can be connected to a neoHub+ wifi controller for smart control from your mobile or tablet if desired.


OneZone® has been designed so that installation requires no prior experience or any specialist tools and arrives pre-built, complete with everything that you will need to install it; system controls, flexible ElectroMat® cable, de-coupling membrane and a fully illustrated installation manual.

OneZone® installations typically require 8 to 20 hours, depending on the size of the system. However, this is dependent on the specific project and can vary.

Installation manual:

Electric underfloor heating kit

A wide range of floor coverings can be used with our underfloor heating systems.

For optimum performance hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, slate, stone and marble are recommended as they provide the best transfer of heat, meaning quicker response times.

Carpet, engineered timber and vinyl floor coverings, such as Amtico and Karndean, also work well with underfloor heating.

When choosing carpet, please note that the combined tog value of the carpet and underlay should not exceed 2.5 in order to maintain the efficiency of the underfloor heating. A 10mm self-levelling compound layer is required over the ElectroMat® installation before fitting carpet, laminate and vinyl.

Delivery will be made within 2 working days. The price of delivery is included in the OneZone® pack price.

Special delivery requirements, such as Next Day and Saturday delivery will be charged extra. Please contact Freephone 0800 731 1976, quoting your customer reference to arrange.