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LoPro™ IsoRubber

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IsoRubber-UFH-NH is a 5mm thick, acoustic resilient layer and vibration reducing mat that can be used to reduce impact sound and vibration transmission in projects subject to Part E of the Building Regulations. It can also be used to improve acoustic performance in Nu-Heat’s LoPro™10 and LoPro™Max floor constructions.

Density: 635kg/m3

Tensile strength: 0.3N/mm2 (EN ISO 1978)
Roll Size:  10m x 1m x 5mm (10m2 per roll)

Product code: IR5/10-C
Weight: 37kg
Size (LxWxD): 10m x 1m x 5mm


Weight: 37kg (14 rolls per pallet)

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