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LoPro®Max OneZone® underfloor heating kit

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LoPro®Max OneZone® kit

A low profile and high heat output retrofit underfloor heating solution that is simple to install in an existing property.

LoPro®Max OneZone® is a complete underfloor heating system for renovation projects. It is low profile, at just 22mm in total, and offers high heat outputs that make it ideal for retrofitting into rooms where insulation levels are difficult to improve or where there are large amounts of glazing, such as bi-fold doors.

As with all OneZone® systems, it includes high quality components that offer reliability and ease of installation. You also have a choice of two market-leading thermostats; either the all-in-one SmartStat or the wireless neoAir.

LoPro®Max is a popular solution for kitchen refurbs, garden rooms or conservatories, and even new extensions where the underfloor heating will run into the existing building.

LoPro®Max is laid directly on top of the existing floor deck and uses castellated panels to hold the underfloor heating tube in place. To finish the installation, the highly conductive LoPro®QuickSet self-levelling compound (included in the OneZone® kit) is poured over the tube. The compound dries quickly and, depending on site conditions, it can be walked on after 24 hours and is ready for floor coverings after 72 hours.

  • A superior heat output of 120W/m2 suitable for rooms with higher heat losses
  • Heats up as quickly as a radiator, offering rapid response times
  • Minimal height build-up of just 22mm and floor coverings can be laid directly on top
  • Leaves a perfectly level floor surface for laying tile and stone floor finishes
  • High structural and compressive strength
  • Can be controlled by an existing timeclock, so there’s no need to change existing wiring or heating controls in the property
  • Can be plumbed directly into an existing radiator system
  • Choice of two market leading thermostat options offering smart control
  • Pre-assembled single-zone manifold, based on the same high quality design used for Nu-Heat fully designed systems, reduces installation time
  • Correct amount of LoPro®QuickSet self-levelling compound
  • Pump and blending valve module, complete with isolation valves for easy pressure testing
  • Pipe distributor set (4-way for systems less than 35m2, 8-way for systems 35m2 and over)
  • Thermo-electric actuator
  • OneZone® wiring centre with labelled terminals for a straightforward installation
  • 10mm Fastflo® underfloor heating tube
  • LoPro® castellated panel
  • LoPro® edge isolation strip
  • A choice of programmable thermostat – either the hard-wired SmartStat with integrated smart control or the wireless, battery-powered neoAir, with the option to upgrade to smart control
  • Detailed installation manuals and user instructions
  • Delivery by carrier within 2 days
  • Free technical support over the phone, if required

You can order a LoPro®Max OneZone kit online, through the Nu-Heat Webstore. Simply select the room size and thermostat option from the drop down menus below to be directed to the online shop.

Hard-wired, all-in-one SmartStat
SmartStat is a hard-wired thermostat with built-in smart functionality for flexible heating control via smartphone or tablet. Simply download the SmartStat App to a chosen device to adjust the heating from any location.

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