MP1CP-C - 7 day, 24hr or 5/2 single-channel timeswitch

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7 day, 24hr or 5/2 single-channel timeswitch used with dial thermostats.

Operates on either a 24 hour or 5/2 day basis, ensuring that the heating or hot water only operates at the required times. It provides voltage free output contacts making it suitable for both line voltage and low voltage control circuits. Can be used to time UFH, radiators, domestic hot water or a pumped hot water loop.

  • CE marked

Technical information
Power supply: 230Vac
Switching action: 1x SPDT voltage free, Type 1B
Switch rating: 24-230Vac, 3(1)A
Rated impulse voltage: 2.5kV

Product details
Product code: MP1CP-C
Weight: 255g
Size (HxWxD): 88x135x32mm
Colour: White